With TimeNow24, online clock, you can find the exact time of your place. True atomic clock, our free site provides accurate local time. With TimeNow24, you will be always on time!

The exact time is:

TimeNow24, presentation
TimeNow24, presentation

What time is it? Your computer's clock is not on time? What time is it now? With TimeNow24, true online atomic clock, see for free the current time and finally have the exact atomic time. Whether you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, the local time will appear in a wink.

The solar time as World Clock

Historically, the exact time was defined with the use of sundials. A time corresponding to one day of 1/24, a 1/24 of the time between two passages of the Sun at the zenith. But this World Clock to calculate a universal time was incorrect because the Earth's rotation period varies slightly over the years.

Exact time with time zones

A time zone is an area of ​​the globe where the legal time is the same everywhere. The initial idea is to divide the Earth into 24 time zones of the same size. The first zone is centered on the Greenwich meridian of longitude 0. When someone moves from one time zone to another, the local time is increasing (from west to east) or decrease (from east to west ) for one hour.

Atomic time, accurate and local time

The atomic clock or atomic time is a time scale based on the definition of the second using atomic clocks to set the time standard used throughout the world. The second was defined in 1967 at the 13th General Conference on Weights and Measures. Since it takes 3 600 seconds for one hour.